New: Jovo Display Template Editor for Echo Show & Spot Displays

By Jan König (@einkoenig), published on August 16th, 2018
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We’re happy to share a new tool with you that makes it easier to build multimodal Alexa Skills. Use the free Jovo Display Template Editor (beta) to create and preview display outputs for Echo Show and Echo Spot.

Building Multimodal Alexa Skills

Smart display devices like the Echo Show or Echo Spot allow you to build immersive multimodal experiences that enhance a voice app with visual information. Alexa offers so-called “Display Templates” that can include a variety of content, like a title, text content, a background image, or even list items.

Jovo supports the Alexa Display Interface and makes it easy to include them in your Alexa Skills. However, we noticed that the whole process of designing and building content for smart displays like Echo Show and Spot is still quite tedious. Here are just some of the steps:

That’s a lot of steps, right?

After spending too much time on debugging display interactions on Echo Show, we decided to scratch our own itch and build a tool that makes the process easier for designers and developers.


Meet the Jovo Display Template Editor

Try it out here:

With the Jovo Display Template Editor, you can see how your desired display template looks like on an Echo Show or an Echo Spot. You can switch between templates to see which ones fit your needs.

You can even upload images, crop and save them. We store them on the Jovo servers for a short amount of time so that you can use them for fast prototyping and skip the step of re-uploading images to AWS S3 all the time. We don’t look at the uploaded images and delete them automatically after 24 hours.

The editor supports both Body Templates and List Templates.


Planned Improvements

What do you think? We would love to learn more about how you’re using the Display Template Editor. Beware that this is an early beta launch, so there could still be issues here and there. Working with the editor improves the overall prototyping process, but does not replace final testing on the actual devices.

Features that we’re working on:

Let us know in Slack if you have any feedback 👍

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