New: View Database Entries in the Jovo Debugger

By Jan König (@einkoenig), published on August 9th, 2018
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The Jovo Debugger is our newest tool that lets you quickly debug Alexa Skills and Google Actions in the browser. It was launched a little more than a month ago and already got a nice upgrades like audioplayer apps and a language model testing mode. Today, the Debugger is getting even more helpful for local development with a Database View.

To be able to use this feature, make sure you update your project to the latest version of the Jovo Framework:

Learn more below, or watch this video to see how it works:

Jovo FilePersistence for Local Debugging

The Jovo Framework offers an increasing number of database integrations, currently FilePersistence, DynamoDB, and Google Cloud Data Store. For local debugging, the file-based system offers an easy way to test data persistence with a simple db.json file.

This is what it looks like if we store a user’s name:

Learn more about FilePersistence here.

When testing our Alexa Skills and Google Actions locally, our team usually ends up having the Jovo Debugger on one screen to see a visual representation of the conversation, and the db.json on another screen to be able to see if the right data was persisted. This leads to a lot of back and forth between different windows to figure out if everything works correctly.

Finally, the Jovo Debugger has brings everything into one workspace.


View Persisted Data in the Jovo Debugger

The Jovo Debugger just got an upgrade for its Request and Response views. You can now access different tabs to see how the data differs for each request and response interaction pair:

This way you can quickly access all the information you need for debugging, without having to switch windows all the time.


What’s next

We’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible to improve the experience of designing and building conversational and multimodal applications. In the next few weeks, we will launch new features that improve the Jovo Framework, CLI, and Debugger.

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