Introducing the Jovo Plugin Directory

By Jan König (@einkoenig), published on July 19th, 2018
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Today, we’re launching the Jovo Plugin Directory, a new way for voice app developers to extend their Alexa Skills and Google Actions built with Jovo.

This is how it currently looks like:

We currently offer 6 plugins at Any suggestions for more? Let us know in Slack!

Why use Jovo Plugins

The Jovo Framework is used by teams of all sizes, both in personal or professional contexts. This leads to a whole lot of different workflows and infrastructures Jovo voice apps need to work with. Many developers have asked us for ways to extend the framework to their use cases without having to touch the core code. This is why we introduced the plugin functionality in version 1.2 of the framework.

For example, Jovo Plugins allow you to connect to outside tools when your app is live. The Raven sends all your error messages to a Sentry server. No more sifting through Cloudwatch logs.

Or you can just send yourself error logs in an email:

Jovo Plugins aren’t only useful for error alerts. We also believe they are a first step towards building better ways for cross-functional teams to collaborate. For example, our Airtable plugin allows non-technical people to take a look at potential problems with a Google Action’s flow by logging all “Default Fallback Intent” strings into a easy to digest spreadsheet that looks like this:

How to build your own Plugin

Building your own plugin isn’t too complicated. Here are a few resources to get started:

And after you’re done, let us know in Slack or create a pull request to get listed: jovotech/jovo-plugins ⭐

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