New: Unit Testing Alexa Skills and Google Actions with Jovo

By Jan König (@einkoenig), published on July 12th, 2018, last modified on August 7th, 2018 at 1:23 pm
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We’re happy to finally launch one of our most requested features: You can now write unit tests for your Alexa Skills and Google Actions with the Jovo Framework.

Read more below, or get started right away:

Why Unit Testing is Important

Unit Testing is a software testing method that allows you to make sure individual units of your app work as expected. To date, most voice apps are only tested manually by talking to a device, leaving developers and designers with the following problems:

Although we think manual testing and debugging is very important (we created a complete product just for this with the Jovo Debugger), we think that unit testing voice apps is absolutely essential to make sure you provide a robust experience. After all, it’s just a feeling of peace of mind when you see that all tests work as expected.

With Jovo, we want to help you as much as possible to improve your voice apps, add new features, make sure they are robust, and just stay relaxed while shipping cool stuff without having to worry about errors. This is why you can now write unit tests for both your Alexa Skills and Google Actions with the Jovo Framework.


How Unit Testing Alexa Skills and Google Actions works with Jovo

> Take a look here to learn more: Jovo Docs > Unit Testing.

The Jovo Test Suite offers a way for you to write unit tests for voice apps built with Jovo. This toolkit is heavily based on Mocha  (a javascript testing framework) and Chai (an assertion library). For example, a test that goes through a typical “Hello World” conversation, may look like this (see our template for more):

After crafting some tests, <ou can simply run them in your terminal and can finally get a good night’s sleep:

Next Steps

We’re excited to help you along the way of prototyping, developing, testing, and maintaining your voice apps. Watch out for more features that help you with these steps, especially combined with our Jovo Debugger.

If you want to get started quickly, go ahead and download our brand new template with some default unit tests.

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