Learn more about how to get access to user information.


User information is mainly used to offer a more personalized expierence, but you can't access it right away. First you have to ask for permission.


You can use the user's address data to provide location specific features, but you have to obtain their permission first. permission card will do the job:

Get the country and postal code:

Get the address:

Official Documentation

Contact information

You can use contact information (name, email address, mobile number) to provide more personalized experiences for the user. To get access to the contact information, ask for permissions first. You can do this by using the contact permission card.

Get the full name:

Get the given name:

Get the email address:

Get the mobile number:

Account Linking

The Account Linking card is used to prompt the user to connect their account by providing the authorization url you defined in the configuration of your Skill in the Amazon developer console.

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