Amazon Pay


The Amazon Pay integration allows you to sell physical goods and services through Alexa with the whole purchase flow being handled inside the voice experience.

The following documentation will only contain Jovo specific features like helper functions or project.js modifications. Please use the official Amazon documentation for the JSON interfaces, guidelines, etc. You can find them here


To use Amazon Pay you have to add it to the permissions your skill needs. For that add the following to your project.js file:

After that build and deploy the files:

To check whether the user granted you the permission you can use the following helper methods:

If the user didn't provide the permission you can prompt them to grant the permission by showing them a card in the Alexa app:

Send the Directive

Both the Setup and Charge directive are simply JS objects which you can add to the response using the addDirective() method:

The request you will receive as the response to the directive, Connections.Response will be mapped to the Jovo built-in ON_PURCHASE intent:

For the reference for both the Setup and Charge directive, please use the official Amazon documentation which you can find here.

Comments and Questions

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