jovo get

Learn how to import an existing Alexa Skill or Google Action into Jovo with the jovo get CLI command.


jovo get command

jovo get will import an existing Alexa Skill (Skill Information and Interaction Model) or Dialogflow agent (work in progress) into the /platforms folder.


To get the Skill from the Amazon developer console, you have to set up ASK CLI first.


--skill-id, -s: Get specific Alexa Skill using the Skill ID.

--project-id: Get a specific Dialogflow agent using the Project ID.

--locale, -l: Specify the locale, which should be created/updated. Default: all languages available for the Skill.

--list-skills: Shows a list of all available Skill projects for the specific ASK Profile.

--ask-profile: Specifies which profile set up in ASK CLI should be used to get the information. Default: default.

--target, -t: Specifies which information should be fetched from the Skill. Arguments: info (Skill Information), model (Interaction Model), all. Default: all.

--stage: Specify the stage where the configuration will be taken from.

--reverse, -r: Builds the Jovo language model out of the platform's language model.

--build, -b: Only works in combination with --reverse. Will run jovo build after reversing the platform's language model.

--overwrite: Forces existing files to be overwritten.

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