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Learn how to create a new Jovo Project with the jovo new command of the Jovo CLI.


jovo new command

You can create a Jovo project into a new directory with the following command:


--template, -t: Used to specify which template should be used. Get a list of all the templates below, or on GitHub: jovotech/jovo-templates. Default: helloworld.

--locale, -l: Choose the language of the interaction models in the /models folder. Arguments: en-US, de-DE, et cetera. Default: en-US.

--invocation: Set's the invocation name for the Alexa Skill.

--init, -i: This is a shortcut to the jovo init command. Speed up the creation of your voice application by creating the app.json file right at the beginning. Arguments: alexaSkill or googleAction.

--build, -b: This is a shortcut to the jovo build command. Speed up the creation of your voice application by building the platform specific files into the /platforms folder right at the beginning. Requires --init before.

--deploy, -d: This is a shortcut to the jovo deploy command. Deploy the platform files to their respective developer console. It will deploy to the platform you specified with the --init and --build options.

--ff: Used to fast forward run --init <platform> --build --deploy.

--skip-npminstall: Skips installation of the npm packages.

--ask-profile: Choose the ask profile to use for the deployment. Default: the profile set as default in your ASK-CLI settings.

--endpoint: Choose the type of endpoint for --init: jovo-webhook, bst-proxy, ngrok or none. Default: jovo-webhook


Below is a list of templates that can currently be used with the jovo new command.

You can find the complete repository on GitHub: jovotech/jovo-templates.

Name Description
helloworld Default. Jovo Sample Voice App with a simple "Hello World!" + asking for the user's name
trivia-game Trivia game voice app that makes use of states, helper functions, and i18n
unit-testing Template for the Jovo built-in unit testing feature.
alexa/audioplayer Sample Alexa Audioplayer Skill that plays a longform audio file with the Audioplayer directive
alexa/dialoginterface Sample implementation of the Alexa Dialog Interface
alexa/skillevents Sample implementation of the Alexa Skill Events.
alexa/isp Sample implementation of the Alexa in-skill purchases feature.
google/mediaresponse Sample Google Action media response app that plays longform audio file

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