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User Acquisition Analytics for Alexa Skills

Voxalyze Jovo Plugin

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With Voxalyze, you can get real-time reports and insights about your Alexa skill visitors on multiple dimensions. This Jovo Plugin reports meta-data from your Alexa Skill to our API. We match the data received from your skill with data we collect through our campaign proxy. This allows us to track where your visitors come from and which of your campaigns perform best.


To use the Voxalyze Jovo plugin, simply install it to your project dependencies:

Afterwards, in your Jovo project:

Finally, add your Voxalyze API key to your Jovo config:

Testing Voxalyze with the Jovo Debugger

If you want to test sending data to Voxalyze with the Jovo Debugger, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. After installing the Voxalyze plugin, execute jovo run and open the Debugger in your browser
  2. Click the 'Launch' button to simulate an Alexa launch request
  3. Check out the log on your console. You'll find a random test skill ID there
  4. Add the skill ID to your Jovo app's config.js at plugins.Voxalyze.debugSkillId
  5. Add a new skill with the same skill ID in the Voxalyze web app

Now you should see your debugger runs showing up on Voxalyze. Please note that it takes up to 5 minutes for new data to get processed.

Error handling

The Voxalyze plugin will not block the execution of your skill code. If there is an error occurring in the SDK, it will be logged but not thrown.

Privacy and compliance

The Voxalyze plugin does not send any personally identifiable information (PII) to our servers. You are free to choose what handlers you want to track. Although you need to track at least the LaunchRequest handler to receive meaningful campaign attribution data. Below you can find an exact overview what data we collect through this SDK.

Field Description
eventId A random ID, generated by the SDK for each event
skillId The unique ID of your Alexa skill
userId The user ID for your skill user. This is no PII since the ID is unique per user/skill and gets regenerated everytime the user re-installs your skill
deviceId The device ID for your skill user's device. This is no PII since the ID is unique per user/skill and gets regenerated everytime the user re-installs your skill
viewport Data on the device's screen type and sizes
requestType The type of request, e.g. 'LaunchRequest'
requestId The Amazon request ID. Useful for tracing and error handling
locale The device's locale, e.g. 'de-DE'
timestamp A timestamp when the event was triggered


We use the debug package for debug log output. If you experience any issues, we recommend testing your skill handlers locally while activating the SDK's debug output:

Or on Windows:

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