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Fallback Airtable

Jovo plugin to automatically store data from incoming Default Fallback Requests in an Airtable spreadsheet.

This plugin logs data about incoming Default Fallback Intents to an Airtable spreadsheet. Tracks: UserID, Timestamp, Locale, State, Speech, Reprompt, Utterance (raw text).



If you are using the Jovo Framework version < 2.0.0, please checkout the v1 branch here

First of all you have to sign up to Airtable.

After that go over to the template and click on Copy base on the top right corner.

You also need an API key, which you can generate on your account page

The last thing you need is your base's ID. First go the API page and choose your base. It's most likely named Jovo-Plugin-Fallback-Airtable. Scroll down to Authentication, switch the example tab to node.js and copy the string marked in the example picture:

Airtable Base ID

Now you can add the plugin to your project:

In your app.js project:

Last but not least, you have to add the api key and the base id to your config.js file:



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