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Build apps for voice, chat, and beyond.

The multimodal experience platform that enables professional teams to build and run apps that work across smart speakers, the web, mobile, and more. Fully customizable and open source.

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The Multimodal Experience Platform

The Jovo product ecosystem allows you to build, test, and run powerful experiences for voice, chat, and web platforms.

Workflows built for professional teams

From local development to production, Jovo allows you to build robust experiences, faster.

Cross-platform and multimodal

Build across devices and platforms and use all supported modalities thanks to the Jovo output template engine.

Reusable and extensible

Our component and plugin architecture makes it possible to make Jovo work for your specific use case, across projects.

Debugging and unit testing

The Jovo Debugger and Test Suite enable you to build robust experiences that behave exactly how you want them to.

Deployment and staging

The Jovo CLI makes it possible to deploy your project to different environments using stage specific configurations.

Jovo Framework

The React for Voice and Chat Apps - A highly extensible open source framework that lets you build voice and chat apps that work across devices and platforms.


Connect your app to platforms like Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, the web, and more. Find all integrations in the Jovo Marketplace.


Use conversational components and output classes to build highly modular voice and chat experiences.


Host your app on your own infrastructure using our server integrations and staging capabilities.

Customizable and extensible

It's open source, so you have full control. Build your own plugins and integrate with services across the app lifecycle.

Jovo Debugger

The Jovo Debugger is a browser-based tool that lets you quickly test your voice and chat apps.

Local development

Test your apps in the browser or on a device while developing locally. Powered by the Jovo Webhook.

Multimodal testing

Type, speak, or use buttons to test your experience. See text and visual output.

Lifecycle view

Dive deeper into the app lifecycle and see all Jovo properties logged for more efficient debugging.

Customizable and extensible

Add customizations like sequence buttons and connect the Debugger to the same NLU services you're using for your app.
A screenshot showing a sample conversation in the Jovo Debugger.

Jovo CLI

Use the Jovo CLI to develop your apps locally and then deploy them to any voice or chat platform.

Enhanced workflows

Build, run, and deploy Jovo projects to various platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Language model

Use the Jovo Model as a single source of truth and convert it to platform specific models with the Jovo CLI.

Convenient deployment

Use the deploy and get commands as well as staging to synchronize your local files with developer consoles, for example Alexa.

Customizable and extensible

Integrate with services like Serverless and build your own hooks or custom commands using CLI plugins.

Get started with Jovo.

It's free and open source.

1,672 stars on GitHub