Learn how to use VoiceHero Analytics for your Alexa Skills built with Jovo.

About VoiceHero

VoiceHero Website

VoiceHero empowers developers increase retention and performance of their voice app. Through powerful insights into user behaviour, VoiceHero points out actionable next steps to 10x your voice app.

VoiceHero is currently in closed beta. Head on over to their main site to get started.


To use VoiceHero for your voice app, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Get Started on VoiceHero
  2. Enable VoiceHero Analytics in your Jovo voice app
  3. Download the voicehero-sdk npm package
  4. Test your app

Get Started on VoiceHero

  1. Create a VoiceHero account (Head on over to their main site to get started).

  2. Copy API Key from the Dashboard.

Enable VoiceHero in Jovo

To add VoiceHero to your voice app, do the following:

  • Download the npm package
  • Enable the plugin in app.js
  • Add configurations in config.js

First, download the npm package:

Enable the plugin like this:

Add configurations like this:

Test VoiceHero

Test your voice app, and your session should appear in the Sessions tab.

VoiceHero Test

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