Easily get started with the Jovo Framework


The Jovo CLI allows you to create, build, and deploy Jovo projects that work for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Learn more about the Jovo CLI here

State Machine

With simple intent routing and state management, you can get started quickly and build out your app logic while you're improving your voice app.

Learn more about the Jovo Routing here


Don't focus too much on learning different APIs and domain specific languages for each platform. With the Jovo Framework, you can use features that work for both, while also keeping the flexibility to implement platform-specific features.

Learn more about platform-specific features here

Language Model

No need to manually update your language models on both Alexa and Dialogflow (for Google Assistant). The Jovo Language Model is an abstraction layer that can be converted into the platform models by using the Jovo CLI.

Learn more about the Jovo Language Model here

Tools & Integrations

Jovo offers a growing list of tools, integrations, and plugins to make your life as voice app developer easier.

Learn more about the Jovo Integrations here

Jovo Webhook

Tired of uploading your code to a server all the time? Use the Jovo Webhook for fast local prototyping and debugging. Just use the Jovo CLI command $ jovo run in your project directory to get started.

Learn more about the Jovo Webhook here

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