Jovo Staging and Deployment: New Example and Video Deep Dive

Published by Alex Swetlow & Jan König on May 2, 2022.

Jovo Staging and Deployment

Learn how you can use Jovo staging and deployment features to build an Alexa Skill and Google Action with a dev stage for local development and a prod stage that can be deployed to AWS.

Watch the video here:

Get Started

Jovo offers many features that make it easier to build robust workflows, for example:

  • Staging: Maintain different stages like dev and prod. For example, this allows you to use different Alexa Skill projects for different stages.
  • Deployment, for example using the Serverless integration: This allows you to deploy certain stages to cloud providers using the Jovo CLI.

To make this process easier, we created a new example on GitHub: jovo-sample-alexa-googleassistant-lambda. The README and the video above include a step by step guide on how to set up the following:

  • Maintain Alexa Skills and Google Actions using the Jovo CLI
  • Use a dev stage for local development and debugging
  • Use a prod stage for the live app, hosted on AWS
  • Deploy to AWS using the Jovo Serverless integration