Gadget Controller

The GadgetController interface allows you to control the user's Echo Buttons.


With the GadgetController interface you can create animations for the light bulb in the Echo Button.

Enable the Interface

But first you have to enable the GadgetController interface either in your project.js file, if you're working with the Jovo CLI, or in the Alexa Developer Console in the Interfaces tab.

To do it with the Jovo CLI simply add the interface to the alexaSkill object in your project.js:

Don't forget to build and deploy your project after you've added the interface:

Set Light

To change the light of the user's Echo Buttons you have to use the GadgetController.SetLight directive

The directive has the following parameters you have to set: Name Description Value Required
targetGadgets Specify the gadget IDs to which the animation should be applied. If you don't specify the target gadgets, every single one will receive the animation String[] with gadget IDs no
triggerEventTimeMs The amount of time to wait after the trigger event before playing the animation Number min: 0, max: 65535 yes
triggerEvent Specify the action that triggers the animation. Either buttonDown (button pressed), buttonUp (button released) or none (trigger animation as soon as the directive arrives) String yes
animations Array of animations you want to use Object[] yes


The animations object contains the animation steps in chronological order as well as the number of repetitions.

Name Description Method Value Required
repeat The number of times to play the animation repeat(repeat) Number min: 0, max: 255 yes
targetLights Array of Strings representing the lights on the device. Since the Echo Button only has one you have to use ['1'] targetLights(targetLights) String[] yes
sequence Array of objects, which define the animation. The array has to be in chronological order sequence(sequence) Object[] yes


A sequence is simply an array of steps, which can each have a different color, duration, etc.. Every sequence can only have a set amount of steps, which depends on the number of gadgets that sequence has to be applied to. Amazon provides a formula to calculate the number of steps allowed: maxStepsPerSequence = 38 - numberOfTargetGadgetsSpecified * 3.

You can also have a zero-step animation that will clear the current animation set for the trigger.

A sequence has the following parameter:

Name Description Method Value Required
durationMs The duration of the step in milliseconds duration(duration) Number in milliseconds yes
color The desired color color(color) String in RGB hexadecimal notation yes
blend Choose if you want the previous color to smoothly change to this step's one blend(blend) boolean yes

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