Alexa Lists

This section shows how to access shopping lists and to-do lists when building Alexa Skills with the Jovo Framework.

Introduction to Lists

Amazon Alexa offers the ability to its users to add items to a shopping list and a to-do list. Custom Skills can get the permission to access these lists for read and write operations. For a general overview, read the official list reference by Amazon.

List Permissions

Users need to grant your Alexa Skill permission for read and/or write access to their lists. To enable your Alexa Skill to ask for list permissions, you can do either of the following:

  • Configure permissions in the Amazon Developer Portal
  • Update the skill.json
  • Update the Jovo project.js

In the Amazon Developer Portal, you can do this by checking the following permissions:

Alexa List Permissions

The same result is achieved by adding the following to the manifest in your skill.json:

If you're using the Jovo Language Model and don't want to make the changes to the Amazon Developer Portal, you can also add this to the alexaSkill object in the project.js of your Jovo project. This way, these permissions are written into the skill.json with the jovo build command.

This is how an example project.js could look like:

List Permission Card

If your users haven't granted your Skill the permission access lists yet (for example because they did not enabled it with their voice, not in the Alexa app), you can use a List Permission Card to ask for the required permission.

This is mostly used after the error code 'NO_USER_PERMISSION' is returned. Here is an example:

You can ask for both read and write access with the Permission Card:

This is what it looks like in the Alexa app:

Alexa List Permission Card in the Alexa App

Users can then update the permissions in the Skill's settings:

Update List Permissions in the Alexa App

Shopping List

Get the user's shopping list:

Add an item to the shopping list:

Update the shopping list:

Delete an item:

To-Do List

Get the user's to-do list:

Add an item to the to-do list:

Update the to-do list:

Delete an item from the to-do list:

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