new Command

Learn how to create new Jovo projects and other files using the jovo new command of the Jovo CLI.


jovo new can be used for the following features:

  • new: Create a new Jovo project
  • new:stage: Create a new app stage

New Project

You can create a Jovo project into a new directory with the following command:

$ jovo new <directory>

This will open a wizard that helps you create a new Jovo project by defining platforms to develop for, languages, and more.

You can also add flags from the table below.

--locale, -lThe locales to be created--locale en, --locale en de
--languageSpecifies the code language of your project--language typescript
--presetSkips the wizard and creates a project from a pre-configured preset--preset default (Typescript default template)
--cleanDelete existing files in the specified <directory> before creating the project


The new:stage command helps you create a new app stage, for example Learn more about staging here.

$ jovo new:stage <stage>

The command will do the following:

  • Create a new file app.<stage>.ts
  • Prompt to specify which server will be used, and create a server file, for example or server.lambda.ts
  • Add npm scripts bundle:<stage> (used by the deploy:code command) and start:<stage> (used by the run command) to the project's package.json file


Command Not Found

All global CLI commands are referenced in the user config file in .jovo/config. If you run into command not found errors, it's possible that the CLI can't access the user config.