update Command

Learn how to use the jovo update command.


You can use the jovo update command to list and update all out-of-date Jovo packages of the current project to their latest version, if necessary.

$ jovo update

You can also add flags from the table below.

--yes, -ySkip the prompt to update packages and run the update non-interactively


Command Not Found

All global CLI commands are referenced in the user config file in .jovo/config. If you run into command not found errors, it's possible that the CLI can't access the user config.

If you need to access local versions of this command, for example in an npm script or CI environment, you can add it to the jovo.project.js configuration like this:

const { ProjectConfig } = require('@jovotech/cli');
const { UpdateCommand } = require('@jovotech/cli-command-update');
// ...

const project = new ProjectConfig({
  endpoint: '${JOVO_WEBHOOK_URL}',
  plugins: [
    new UpdateCommand(),
    // ...