Reminders API

Learn more about how to set reminders for your user with your Alexa Skill.


To create a reminder you simply send a JSON object to Amazon's API endpoint. You can find out what that these JSON objects look like here

Add Reminder

To add a reminder you use the setReminder() method, which takes in the JSON object as a parameter:

As a response to the API call you will receive an object containing the following data:

Name Description Value
alertToken Unique ID of the reminder String
createdTime Created time of the reminder (ISO 8601) String
updatedTime Last updated time of the reminder (ISO 8601) String
status Either ON or COMPLETED Enum
version Version of the reminder String
href URI to retrieve the alert String

Update Reminder

To update a reminder you need the JSON object to update with as well as the alertToken to define which one you want to update and the updateReminder() method:

You will receive the same response you receive after adding a new reminder.

Delete Reminder

To delete an active reminder you need the deleteReminder() method which takes in the alertToken as a parameter:

Get Reminder

You can also send out a request to get a reminder using its alertToken:

There is also the possibility to get all your reminders at once:

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