FileDb Local JSON Database Integration

This is the default database for prototyping with Jovo: A file based system that stores data in a JSON file.


Note: This database type is not supposed to be used in production. See other database integrations for production deployments.

The FileDb database integration allows you to easily store user specific data in a JSON file. This is especially helpful for local development and prototyping. Data will be stored in a db.json file that can be found in a db folder:

  └── db.json

Once the configuration is done, the File DB database integration will create a file in the specified folder (the default being ../db/db.json) on the first read/write attempt. No need for you to create the file.


Most Jovo templates already come with FileDb as default database integration for local development. If you're starting from scratch, though, you can install the plugin like this:

$ npm install @jovotech/db-filedb

We strongly recommend to only use this database integration for local prototyping. Add it as plugin to your file like this:

import { FileDb } from '@jovotech/db-filedb';

// ...

  plugins: [
    new FileDb(),
    // ...


After you've added the FileDb plugin to the app as discussed in the installation section, you can add configuration like this:

new FileDb({
  // Configuration

The following configurations can be added:

Here is an example of a configuration with a pathToFile property:

new FileDb({
  pathToFile: '../db/db.json',