Web Platform

The Jovo Web Platform is a standalone platform integration that can be used to deploy a voice and chat experiences to the web, including React and VueJS.


Jovo Client and Jovo Core Platform

Besides integrations with major platforms like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Facebook Messenger, Jovo also enables you to connect your own clients to build fully custom conversational experiences for both voice and chat.

The Jovo Web Platform can be connected to any web client (the "frontend" that records speech or text input and passes it to the Jovo app). You can either implement your own client or use existing Jovo Clients, e.g. the vanilla JS web client, Vue2 or Vue3 client.

The client sends a request to the Jovo app that may contain audio, text, or other input. The Jovo Web Platform then deals with this information and returns a response back to the client.


You can install the plugin like this:

$ npm install @jovotech/platform-web

Add it as plugin to your app configuration, along with an NLU integration like NLP.js:

import { App } from '@jovotech/framework';
import { WebPlatform } from '@jovotech/platform-web';
import { LangEn } from '@nlpjs/lang-en';
import { NlpjsNlu } from '@jovotech/nlu-nlpjs';
// ...

const app = new App({
  plugins: [
    new WebPlatform({
      plugins: [
        new NlpjsNlu({
          languageMap: {
            en: LangEn,
        // ...

Web Platform and Core Platform

The Jovo Web Platform is a customization of the Jovo Core Platform. You can find all Web Platform features in the Core Platform docs.

Platform-Specific Features

You can access the Core specific object like this:


You can also use this object to see if the request is coming from Core (or a different platform):

if (this.$web) {
  // ...