Jovo Community Plugin - Player Generator



This plugin for the Jovo Framework allows you to generate player profile values for display name, avatar URLs and color.


  • Jovo Framework 4.x
  • Platforms: any (alexa, googleAssistant, core, web, etc.)

RIDR Lifecycle

This plugin is registered as part of the before.dialogue.start middleware and is meant to be used in component handlers, hooks and other plugins after that point.


Install the plugin into your Jovo project:

npm install @jovo-community/plugin-playergenerator --save

Register the plugin in:


const { PlayerGenerator } = require('@jovo-community/plugin-playergenerator');

const app = new App({
  plugins: [
    new PlayerGenerator({/*...*/}),


import { PlayerGenerator } from '@jovo-community/plugin-playergenerator';

const app = new App({
  plugins: [
    new PlayerGenerator({/*...*/}),   


The plugin has the following values:

new PlayerGenerator({
      displayName: {
        list1: ['red', 'green'],
        list2: ['apple', 'car'],
        suffixDigits: 4,
        maxLength: 25,
        fallbackName: 'unknown',
      avatar: {
        count: 50,
        urlPattern: '{{index}}.png',
  • displayName: Configuration values for the Display Name. See displayName for more information.
  • avatar: Configuration values for the Avatar URL. See avatar for more information.


The generated display name includes a random value from list1, a random value from list2 and an (optional) random number 0-5 digits (padded with 0s).

The displayName includes:

  • list1: Required. An array of strings used in name generation. Default value is an array of over 150 strings.
  • list2: Required. An array of strings used in name generation. Default value is an array of over 250 strings.
  • suffixDigits: Required. Range 0-5. When 0, no number suffix (which increases the chance of non-unique names). Numbers are padded with 0s. Default value is 4.
  • maxLength: Required. The min value is 5. If the total length of the displayName is greater than this, then the generator will try 10 times to generate a name that fits the length. If that fails, then the fallbackName is used. Default value is 25.
  • fallbackName: Required. Name to use if display name generated from lists is greater than maxLength. If fallbackName is greater than maxLength the display name (with optional numbers) will be truncated. Default value is 'unknown'.


The images for avatars must be stored with a public URL and include a number between 0 and n in the path to uniquely identify them. ex:

The avatar includes:

  • count: Required. The count of avatar images. The generator will randomly pick a number between 0 and count - 1. Default value is 0.
  • urlPattern: Required. The pattern that all avatar URLs follow and must include the {{index}} placeholder for the random number. ex:{{index}}.png. Default value is '' (empty string) which means 'no avatar'.


Access features of this plugin using this.$playergen.

The following functions are available:

  • generateDisplayName(): Generates the display name.
  • generateAvatarUrl(): Generates the avatar URL.
  • generateHexColor(): Generates a hex color value.
  • generateProfile(): Generates the profile.

The profile is in the format:

  "displayName": "Weary Crocodile 05877";
  "avatarUrl": "";
  "color": "#ff02de";

Jovo Debugger

If using the Jovo Debugger, you must add $playergen to the list of properties the debugger ignores:


new JovoDebugger({
  ignoredProperties: ['$app', '$handleRequest', '$platform', '$playergen'],