Dashbot Analytics Integration

Learn how to use Dashbot Analytics with your Jovo app.


Dashbot is an analytics tool for both text-based bots (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik, Twitter) and voice apps (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant).

To get started, take the following steps:

  • Go to the Dashbot app and sign up or in.
  • Create a new chatbot project.
  • Select a platform of your choice. See platforms for a list of our supported platforms. If you can't find your platform in the list, select Universal.
  • Copy the provided API Key.
  • Install the Dashbot plugin for Jovo and add the API key to the configuration.


You can install the plugin like this:

$ npm install @jovotech/analytics-dashbot

Dashbot is a plugin that gets added to a platform integration, probably only for production environments, for example in an app.prod.ts file. Learn more about staging here.

Since platforms are usually initialized in app.ts, we recommend using this syntax in app.prod.ts:

import { app } from './app';
import { DashbotAnalytics } from '@jovotech/analytics-dashbot';
// ...

app.plugins.AlexaPlatform.use(new DashbotAnalytics({ apiKey: '<yourApiKey>' }));

Which is a shortcut for the following:

import { AlexaPlatform } from '@jovotech/platform-alexa';
import { DashbotAnalytics } from '@jovotech/analytics-dashbot';
// ...

  plugins: [
    new AlexaPlatform({
      plugins: [
        new DashbotAnalytics({ apiKey: '<yourApiKey>' }),
        // ...


The Jovo Dashbot integration automatically maps the following Jovo platforms to Dashbot platforms: