Google Assistant

Learn more about Google Assistant specific features that can be used with the Jovo Framework.

Introduction to Google Assistant Specific Features

You can access the googleAction object like this:


This section provides an overview of Google Assistant specific features for output. For the basic concept, take a look here: Basic Concepts > Output.

Multiple Reprompts

Google Assistant allows to add multiple reprompts that are spoken out in order if there is no response by the user. Here is the official reference by Google: Static Reprompts.

The reprompts can be added to the ask method by using an array.

The first two messages are usually reprompt messages, the third one is used to say goodbye to the user.

Screen Surfaces

You can find out more about visual output here.

Media Response

You can find out more about media responses here.


You can find out more about your Google Action user's data here.

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