ExpressJS Server

Learn how to deploy your Alexa Skills and Google Actions to a server using our ExpressJS webhook. You can also use this webhook for local prototyping. Learn more here: Project Lifecycle > Local Development.

Webhook Configuration

Jovo uses the express framework for running a server. Here is how the part of index.js, which is used to run the app on a webhook, looks like:

You can either run your server locally, or deploy to a webhosting service.

Deploy to a Server

The jovo webhook URL is only meant for prototyping purposes and can't be used in production. Follow the steps here to find out how to deploy your voice app to a production server.


When you want to deploy your code to a webserver other than AWS Lambda, you need to verify that Alexa Skill requests are actually coming from Amazon.

For this, Jovo uses a package called alexa-verifier-middleware, which can be accessed by switching one line of the configuration in index.js:

To make use of it, please install it like so:

Run Server

To run the server, use the following command:

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